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CNC Lathe NL501

The full function lathe with our many years design experience, is more suitable for production line. High precision, front and back hand options, it can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line. 


  • Stepped integral fuselage

    Stepped integral fuselage

    High and low flat , long span guide rail, 30 degrees sliding saddle, strong rigidity, tight structure, easy chip removal.

  • Built-in electric spindle (optional)

    Built-in electric spindle (optional)

    Built-in high-speed motor direct-drive, P4 bearing, hydraulic brake, compact structure, high speed,precisionand rigidity.

  • High pressure servo turret (optional)

    High pressure servo turret (optional)

    Three-piece gear plate, servo drive, hydraulic lock, high precision and speed, water pressure up to 70kg.

  • Spindle type tailstock (optional)

    Spindle type tailstock (optional)

    P4 bearing, MT4 top, labyrinth mechanical seal, long life, high processing cylindricity.

  • Pre-stretching of screw rod

    Pre-stretching of screw rod

    C3 double-nut Screw, precision screw special bearings, transmission stability, thermal expansion after the accuracy of good retention.

  • Rapid displacement

    Rapid displacement

    P-class ball track, precision screw drive, fast moving 24m/min.

Technical Parameters

Max Body Rotate Diameter, mmØ500
Max Turning Diameter, mmØ360
Max Turning Length, mm300
Max Bar Diameter, mmØ50
X/Z Aris, mm195/330
Speed of Spindle, rpm3500
Chuck Diameter, inch8
Fore of SpindleA2-6
Tool Stations, pcs8
TailstockTravel, mm300

Application Artifact

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501

  • CNC Lathe NL501