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Centering Machine

The Centering Machine is ideal for centering, slicing and chamfering both ends of bars, such as camshafts, crankshafts, spiders, etc. Ensure perfect center alignment, accurate lengths and true ends, which are available in both models.

Combined centering and facing operations save machining time, handling time and floor space. The machine has two hydraulically operated self-centering workholding fixtures with push button controls. The cutting cycle is fast approach, slow feed and fast return via buttons.

What is a facing and centering machine?

A face centering machine is a lathe that can machine both ends of a bar at the same time. While it may be called a facing and centering machine, it can also chamfer, drill, countersink, and turn.

Application of Facing And Centering Machine

The Facing And Centering Machine is used for facing and centering shafts of different ranges. This is fast and efficient in one setup.

Vertical Facing and Centering Machine

Slanting Facing and Centering Machine

Horizontal Facing and Centering Machine

Technology and Application