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A CNC lathe machine, or Computer Numerical Control lathe, is a type of machining tool used for shaping and cutting materials. Unlike traditional lathes operated manually, CNC lathes are automated and controlled by computer programs. The CNC lathe receives instructions from a computer, allowing for precise and complex machining operations.

Key features of CNC Lathe Machine

Computer Control

CNC lathe machines are controlled by computer programs that specify the tool's movements and operations. This allows for high precision and repeatability.

Automated Operation

CNC lathe machine can perform various machining operations automatically, such as turning, facing, drilling, and threading, without manual intervention.


CNC lathe machine can be used for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and wood. They are versatile machines suitable for producing intricate and complex parts.

Higher Productivity

The automation and precision of CNC lathes contribute to higher productivity compared to manual lathes. They can run continuously and produce consistent results.

Complex Shapes

CNC lathe machine can produce intricate and complex shapes by precisely controlling the tool's movements along multiple axes.


CNC lathe machine programs can be easily edited and modified, allowing for quick changes in production requirements without significant downtime.

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