Main business

LECN main business is bespoke machines and automatic & connect line,focusing on the research and development of high-efficiency special aircraft for shaft parts and the exploration of comprehensive solutions.

▲ Bespoke auto machine

▲ Automatic production line

▲ Intelligent manufacturing solution


Extended service

▲ Cost Estimation

▲ Process Planning

▲ Proofing

▲ Query Surveying Mapping

▲ Bespoke Machine Design

▲ Production Line Planning

The product automation carrying rate exceeds 70%. It has provided products and key delivery projects for more than 900 auto parts manufactures at home and abroad.

Customer Directory

Lecn Anhui Co., Ltd.

After-Sales Service


After-Sales Service

LECN has a 16-year research and development,manufacturing,sales,and management team dedicated to digital control machine tools for automotive parts. It has experience in providing users with a full set of solutions and key delivery engineering practices,and has mastered the key technologies for manufacturing CNC machine tools for many automotive parts.