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Turing Cell T081

Double head CNC lathe + CNC lathe, the turning cell with 100-300mm turning length is suitable for total order turning of precision shaft parts. Compared with traditional CNC lathe, one is equivalent to the machining efficiency of three machines, and the coaxiality can reach μ level. Compact, high precision, high efficiency, it can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line. 


  • Double head CNC lathe + CNC lathe

    Double head CNC lathe + CNC lathe

    Total order turning, 3 times efficiency.

  • Simultaneous processing

    Simultaneous processing

    2 times efficiency,μ class coaxiality. Indepant row cutter with telescopic tool, effectivey slove the tool in terference.

  • Special central spindle

    Special central spindle

    The special structure central spindle can respond to high speed and cutting rigid.

  • Three-channel controller

    Three-channel controller

    Easily respond to synchronization processing.

Technical Parameters

Max Body Rotate Diameter, mmØ200Ø300
Max Diameter Scope, mmØ70Ø150
Turning Length Scope, mm100-300100-300
X/Z Travel, mm200/150160/350
X/Z Fast Speed, m/min18/2418/24
Fool TypeCutterTurret

Application Artifact

  • Turing Cell T081

  • Turing Cell T081

  • Turing Cell T081

  • Turing Cell T081