What are the Issues That Should be Paid Attention to During the Operation of a Double-Head Lathe?

Sep. 27, 2021

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The double-head CNC lathe is a double-head lathe operated by a modern numerical control computer system. Compared with the ordinary double-head lathe, the processing has the characteristics of more refined and automated. There is a turning point at each end, and they are controlled by a numerical control system respectively.

Problems to be paid attention to during the operation of double-head lathes:

High Precision Double Head CNC Lathe

High Precision Double Head CNC Lathe

1. The operator must stick to his post, operate carefully, and do not do anything unrelated to the job. Stop the machine when leaving the machine due to accidents, and turn off the power and air supply.

2. Process according to the process regulations. It is not allowed to arbitrarily increase the amount of feed, the amount of grinding and the cutting (grinding) speed. It is not allowed to use the machine tool beyond the specification, overload and weight. Rough use of precision machines and small use of large machines are not allowed.

3. The tool workpiece should be clamped correctly and fastened firmly. Do not damage the machine during loading and unloading. Align the tool, and the workpiece is not allowed to be hit with a heavy hammer. It is not allowed to tighten the tool workpiece by lengthening the handle to increase the torque.

4. It is forbidden to install thimble, cutter, knife sleeve, etc. which are not in conformity with the taper or hole diameter, the surface has nicks and is not clean in the taper hole of the spindle of the double-head lathe, the taper hole of the tailstock sleeve and other tool installation holes.

5. The mechanical speed change of the transmission and feed mechanism of the double-head lathe, the clamping and adjustment of the tool and the workpiece, and the manual measurement of the workpiece between the working procedures should all be carried out after the cutting and grinding are terminated, and the tool grinding tool is retracted from the workpiece.

6. The sharpness of the tool and abrasive tools should be maintained. If they become dull or cracked, they should be sharpened or replaced in time.

7. During the cutting and grinding of the double-head lathe, the tool and grinding tool are not allowed to stop without leaving the workpiece.

8. It is not allowed to disassemble the safety protection device on the machine tool without authorization, and the machine tool lacking the safety protection device is not allowed to work.

9. The hydraulic system is not allowed to be adjusted privately except for the throttle logging.

10. Tools, workpieces and other sundries are not allowed to be placed directly on the machine tool, especially on the guide rail surface and the worktable surface.

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