The development trend of CNC V-groove cutting machine

Jan. 20, 2022

In the past 30 years, the machine tool technology has been developed greatly in the world. The development of CNC machine tool technology has shown a variety of characteristics.

The main trends of high-end CNC V-bevel cutting machine are high precision, high speed, multi-axis, high reliability, multi-functional composite, reconfigurable, low energy consumption, environmental protection and intelligence.

The development trend of CNC V-groove cutting machine


1. The global market development and changes

With the development of industrial production and the continuous progress of technology, the low-end routers in the sheet metal industry can no longer meet the demand. The middle and high-end CNC router will occupy the mainstream of market demand.

German machinery has always been the leading country in the global industry. In the past, countries would import advanced high-end CNC machine tools from Germany.

However, we should not ignore the growing mid-range technology sector. Today, more and more emerging industrial countries are producing their own mid-range technology products.

For today's market, manufacturers should focus on the development and production of mid-range and high-end CNC V-groove cutting machines.

The high-end market has been dominated by American, Japanese and German companies. Indeed, Germany's machinery and equipment, both performance and manufacturing processes, are known as the industry's "big brother".

The mid-range market is mainly divided by China and South Korea machine tools. In the long run, the mid-range market is the direction in which Chinese slope groove machine manufacturers must develop.

The high-end market has been dominated by the United States, Japan, Germany enterprises. Indeed, Germany's machinery and equipment, whether performance or manufacturing process, are known as the industry's "big brother".

The mid-range market is mainly divided by China and South Korea machine tools. In the long run, the mid-market is the direction in which Chinese slotting machine manufacturers must develop.


2. Slotting machine in the important CNC system

V-groove CNC is the basis of high-end stainless steel processing equipment manufacturing. High-grade stainless steel products can be better formed by grooving technology. And the control system of slotting equipment is very important.

At present, China is the first major country in machine tool consumption and production. In production, many manufacturers are still mainly low-end equipment, underdeveloped in the field of high-end products. Product homogenization is serious. Therefore, China's grooving equipment industry is in urgent need of transformation to the high-end market.

Among them, the CNC system has been the weak point. In addition to the lack of relevant technical personnel, its system does not have a clear industry standard. That is to say, many manufacturers do not evaluate and develop technical parameters.

It is slightly inadequate in high-end control. Therefore, the development of V-bevel cutting machine needs to focus on overcoming the bottleneck of control technology.


3. The equipment continues to research and development, service sheet metal processing industry

With the development of emerging medium and high-end building materials and decoration industries at home and abroad, higher requirements for metal decoration materials have been put forward.

These industries require.

✱ The radius of the rounded edge of the metal sheet after bending should be as small as possible.

✱ No creases on the surface of the workpiece.

✱ The shape of the bent section of the sheet metal part is complex.

The geometric accuracy of CNC grooving is improved through the design and optimization of the body mechanism, ultra-precision machining and assembly of parts, full closed-loop control and compensation technology for dynamic errors such as temperature and vibration. machine, reduce the shape error and surface roughness, etc.

Precision, speed, compound, intelligence and green are the general trends in the development of CNC grooving technology. Among all the trends, high precision and intelligence are the most important ones.



The invention and manufacturing technology of CNC V-grooving machine is a cutting-edge technology. Intelligence improves the function and quality of the equipment.

In recent years, it has made promising achievements in practicalization and industrialization. It is mainly reflected in the new breakthrough of CNC slotting intelligent technology and more in the system performance.

Such as: automatic adjustment interference anti-collision function, automatic exit from the workpiece safety zone after power failure, power failure protection, parts detection and other functions.



With the development of precision machining technology, the accuracy of CNC V-bevel cutting machine has been greatly improved. This will push the processing accuracy of sheet metal machine tools to a field where mankind has never ventured before. The application field of ultra-precision machine tool technology has extended to every aspect of our daily life and is enriching and changing our life.

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