Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

Aug. 05, 2022

Due to its unique advantages, turn milling machining has formed a unique core competitiveness in the field of high-precision parts. The company’s products also cover the fields of automotive precision parts, medical equipment parts, photoelectric optical parts, intelligent robots, UAVs and so on. Next, CNCLATHING will share with you the daily maintenance of turn milling CNC machine tool. It is mainly divided into the following three points.


Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

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Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

1. Instructions for use and maintenance of ball screw of turn milling compound machine tool

● The ball screw is a moving pair of parts, which must be fully lubricated to avoid oil loss and dry friction damaging the ball screw. When the machine tool adopts large flow cooling, pay attention to increase the lubrication frequency and flow of the ball screw to avoid water rust of the screw.

● For ball screw, pay attention to avoid debris, dust, impurities and other particles entering the auxiliary working area of the screw, resulting in damage to the screw.

● Strictly prevent collision, resulting in displacement damage of ball screw nut returner, affecting accuracy and generating noise.

● Do not allow the nut to exceed the travel limit.

Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

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2. Maintenance instructions for motor of turn milling compound machine tool

● The main motor (variable frequency motor or two speed motor) and drive motor (stepping motor or servo motor) shall be protected from moisture. If the motor is flooded, it will cause phase to phase short circuit and burn the motor; The servo motor shall be protected from collision, which will cause damage to the encoder of the servo motor.

● When equipped with servo motor or variable frequency speed regulation, it can find out the cause of the alarm and the method to eliminate the alarm according to the alarm information (alarm number) of servo driver or frequency converter, or call the manufacturer directly.

● When using frequency conversion, after cutting off the AC power supply and before the indicator light of the digital operator of the AC motor driver goes out, it indicates that there is still high voltage inside the AC motor driver, which is very dangerous. Do not touch the internal circuit and parts and components, and operate after 5 minutes of power failure.

● When the machine tool is not used for a long time, the main power supply shall be cut off, and the machine tool shall run continuously for 2 ~ 3 hours at least once a month.


3. Maintenance instructions for spindle of turn milling compound machine tool

● In order to ensure the long-term smooth operation and service life of the spindle, please warm up the machine after handover with the machine to ensure the service life of the spindle

● When the temperature difference between spindle and bushing is too large, it is easy to burn out the spindle bearing The temperature of the oil cooler must be set according to the temperature in winter and summer

● The daily extreme speed operation time shall not exceed 1 / 4 of the daily processing time.

● It is recommended to maintain the spindle running speed at the normal running speed (85% of the spindle Zui high speed).

● The continuous operation time of the spindle under normal operation speed shall not exceed 8 hours. Every eight hours of spindle operation, the spindle needs to slow down to low speed for 1 hour.

● The outer ring of the main shaft is blown, and the pressure standard is set at 1.2kg/cm2-1.5kg/cm2.

● When the spindle is not equipped with a tool / tool handle, be more careful when blowing iron filings with an air gun. Iron filings powder / water cannot enter the conical hole of the spindle, which is easy to cause poor precision or even damage of the spindle.

● When the spindle of turn-milling compound machine tool is in normal use, the parts are guaranteed for 1 year and the bearings are guaranteed for 1600 / hr. Note: when running the spindle every day, you must first determine whether the air blowing of the outer ring of the spindle is normal.


Maintenance Of Turning Milling Compound CNC Machine Tool

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