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Duplex CV Joint Horizontal Scraping And Milling Machine VQG0430D

Duplex CV joint horizontal scraping and milling machine with one-time clamping and processing end face and hole, 50-300 mm processing of workpiece, which is suitable for the milling end face and drilling center hole. Duplex high efficiency, it can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line.


  • Special high rigidity spindle structure

    Special high rigidity spindle structure

    Seismic resistance, long life.

  • Special hydraulic clamp

    Special hydraulic clamp

    Clamping reliable, accuracy stability.

  • Clamp can be choosed

    Clamp can be choosed

    Respond to different workpiece fix position.

  • Operate independent

    Operate independent

    Set parameters independent,and can operate independent,high efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Max Clamping Diameter, mmØ40
Max Workpiece Length, mm50-300
Max Center Drilling Clamping Diameter, mmØ16