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Outer Race Milling Machine QYXA125

Single station outer race milling machine with one-time clamping and processing of multiple BJ/UFJ/SX/DOJ grooves, 45-100 mm processing of groove diameter, which is suitable for the milling of outer race. High efficiency, hard milling instead of grindingit can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line.


  • Hydraulic end tooth indexing

    Hydraulic end tooth indexing

    High precision.

  • Special hydraulic elastic clamp

    Special hydraulic elastic clamp

    Clamping reliable, accuracy stability.

  • Milling instead of grinding

    Milling instead of grinding

    Simplify process,strengthen work piece surface quality.

  • Automation


    Factory high stability automation.

Technical Parameters

Max Clamping Diameter, mmØ110
Max Workpiece Length, mm260
Groove Diameter Scope, mmØ45-Ø100
DiameterOf Steel Ball Scope, mmØ12.7-Ø22
Max Workpiece Handle Diameter, mmØ40

Application Artifact

  • Outer Race Milling Machine QYXA125

  • Outer Race Milling Machine QYXA125

  • Outer Race Milling Machine QYXA125